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Patient safety key to quality healthcare

Patient safety is a critical aspect of healthcare and is essential to ensure that patients receive the best possible care and clinical outcome. In India, patient safety is even more crucial because of the diverse population and the complex healthcare system. India has a population of around 1.44 billion people...

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Why ensuring patient safety in laboratory diagnostics is important

India has now recognised the importance of patient safety and is in the process of adopting a patient safety culture and numerous initiatives are being taken to address this issue...

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Transforming healthcare: Moving from reactive to preventive care

With the rising burden of chronic diseases and the need for advanced diagnostics, moving from reactive to preventive care may help....

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Patients Deserve to Have Their Privacy Protected

Over the past few years, healthcare has seen remarkable technological advancements. From cutting-edge imaging techniques and electronic health records to robotic surgeries and telehealth....

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Ensuring Patient Safety In The Home Setting: Choosing The Right Service Provider

Patient safety is the foundation of quality healthcare. Caring for a loved one at home may be the most ideal thing to do. However, many find it difficult to do so primarily due to several external factors and are often left clueless....

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Healthy India | Patient safety — here's why Indian healthcare should prioritise this urgent need

Patient care is the most imperative dimension in providing quality healthcare at any point of time, and anywhere in the world but at no point was this need more immediate than the times we live in right now.....

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Empowering Nurses & Ensuring Patient Safety: Path to safer Healthcare

Nurses constitute two-thirds of the health workforce in India and 50 percent of the global healthcare workforce. They play a crucial role in delivering high-quality patient outcomes.....

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