About the Campaign

This is a public and patient education campaign on a very
critical issue of our times, Choose Safer Healthcare.

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Why this Campaign

Almost 122 Indians per 100,000 die due to poor quality of care each year, showing up India’s death rate due to poor care quality as worse than, that of Brazil, Russia, China, South Africa, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, according to The Lancet Global Health Commission Report 2018. Each minute, 5 patients die due to unsafe care.

Patient Safety is inextricably linked to reduced risk, reducing the occurrence of avoidable harm, making errors less likely and reducing medicine error impact when it does occur.

Accreditation ensures correct standards, processes and protocols in providers to protect patients and helps patients to make safer choices. Our campaign highlights areas where safety plays a paramount role in selecting patient touch points with the broader health system.

The campaign seeks to bust existing misconceptions. It will disseminate simple, clear messages on safety and precautions in medicines, safety practices at hospitals to reduce infections, and important safety checklists during health screenings and diagnostics.




The microsite will raise awareness and improve knowledge among general public and consumers about safety and precautions while availing healthcare services such as hospital care, tests and diagnostics as well as while buying and taking medications.

The site will aim to be a one-stop shop for resources needed to empower patients and citizens. Animated videos and visual material will be available in multiple languages for visitors.

Most importantly, the microsite will drive the narrative that patient safety is linked to patient responsibility.

Knowledge Contributors

Content Contributors

Clinical Content Committee

Dr Narottam Puri

Principal Advisor, QCI, Ex-Chairman, NABH Medical Advisor, Fortis Healthcare, and Advisor (Health Services), FICCI

Dr Atul Mohan Kochhar

Chief Executive Officer,
National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH)

Dr Akash Sud

Head – Clinical Governance, Medical Processes, Quality & Patient Safety, Fortis Healthcare Ltd.

Dr Deepak TS

Senior Manager - Clinical Affairs, Healthium Medtech Pvt Ltd.

Dr Nishant Agarwal

Chief Executive Officer,
HOD, Emergency Medicine and Care, Charnock Hospital

Dr Pawan Kapoor

AVSM, VSM, and BAR (Retd), Former Director-General of Medical Services (IAF) assumed the designation of Vice-Chairman of Rus Education

Dr Ashok Kumar Moharana

Chief Medical Officer, Healthium Medtech Limited